Why exercise is important? | Top 20 Reasons to Exercise Regularly

Exercise is very good for the body and each passing day, we get to discover new and refreshing benefits of engaging in exercises. Engaging in exercises is very beneficial to your health and is one good way of keeping fit. Exercising does not have any age restriction as just about anyone can engage in any form of exercise.

However, for exercise to reap you the benefits you desire, it has to be properly coordinated and regimented depending on one’s age and overall health status. This article talks about the top 20 reasons why you should exercise and you will get to discover the amazing benefits of engaging in an exercise. By the time you are done reading you will surely be itching to begin an exercise regime if you haven’t already began one. Let us begin shall we?


1. Exercise makes you feel more energized

if you engage in exercises, you feel more energized because the blood vessels that go to your muscles dilate and thus leads to an increased level of blood flow and oxygen to the muscles. Your metabolic rate also increases, though for a temporary time. For example, if you exercise in the morning, you will feel energized throughout the day. Such is the power of exercise.


2. Exercise makes your sex life rock

when you exercise, your muscles are active due to being used. This also helps to improve hormonal production by endocrine glands. Hence as you get more muscle mass, so does your stimulation increase and this leads to production of androgens which help to maintain sexual functioning. Exercise also gives a feeling of fitness and an increased level of confidence in your ability to perform sexually. Your sexual life will surely benefit when you exercise.


3. Exercise makes you sleep better

when you exercise daily, you tend to sleep better at night. This is because the activities you perform during the day keeps your body’s circadian motion in tune and improves your night’s sleep. A good night sleep will in turn help to boost your immune system and lowers the risk of heart disease.


4. Exercise Lowers Anxiety

when you exercise, you reduce the chances of being anxious. This is because your body’s endorphins level increase, which in turn reduces your feelings of worry. As you focus on your routine for the day, you tend to feel less of the problems you may have. You may even gain fresh perspectives on the thoughts preoccupying your mind just by engaging in exercises.


5. Exercise helps you reduce the chances of falling ill

when you exercise, you build up the circulation of white blood cells. These white blood cells are very important in fighting harmful bacteria and foreign bodies that cause us to fall sick. Exercise also helps in quick recovery after an illness due to improved circulation from regular exercise.


6. Exercise speeds up recovery from injury or surgery

when you engage in regular exercise, you give your body a better chance of repairing itself better when it is recovering from an injury or a surgical operation. This is because as you increase muscle tissue and improve white blood cells circulation, your body is better equipped to reduce inflammation resulting from surgical operations or injury.


7. Exercise boosts your concentration levels

when you exercise regularly and live a healthy lifestyle, you improve your blood flow levels and keep your body hormones at optimal levels. This in turns helps you stay focused and concentrated as you perform your daily activities.


8. Exercise Reduces blood pressure

Chronic hypertension is caused as a result of an increased plaque in the arteries which builds up from the consumption of a high fat diet. When you exercise regularly, you reduce your blood pressure as exercise helps in attacking the plaques in your arteries. The widening of the arteries leads to freer blood flow and the heart is also stronger as a result of exercises, pumping blood with greater ability, and helping to reduce blood pressure.


9. Exercise Reduces Body Fat

if you are overweight, you stand to benefit from engaging in regular exercise as it helps your body to bring down your body mass index to normal levels. Exercise helps to burn off excess calories and increase body metabolism, keeping you fit and healthy.


10. Exercise Improves Muscle Flexibility

when you exercise, you stretch before and after, and continuous exercising helps to improve the flexibility of your muscles, giving you more agility and strength.


11. Exercise helps to keep your Bones Strong

as you age, your body bones begin to get weaker. Engaging in exercises that require lifting weights and other resistance exercises help to strengthen your bones and maintain bone health, making you stronger and fitter. However, the amount of resistance training one should do varies with age and physical strength. Keep at it till you reach your maximum potential.


12. Exercise lowers the risk of Dementia

as your body’s blood flow improves due to exercise, your chances of developing dementia as a result of cardiovascular illness also reduces. It can also help to slow or prevent Alzheimer’s disease by improving your glucose and fat metabolism. Exercise is part of healthy living and engaging in exercise will help to lower the risk of you being a victim of such illness.


13. Exercise helps to boost memory

with exercise, your body’s cognitive functions are greatly improved. Research has shown that regular physical exercise helps to keep the neurons in shape, and most especially the part of the brain responsible for memory. Regular workouts help to lower cortisol levels and thus improves the mood, and boosting memory levels.


14. Exercise lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

when you engage in regular physical exercise, your body’s ability to metabolize glucose is greatly increased and you increase your chances of preventing such a disease.


15. Exercise Builds Muscle Mass

engaging in resistance training and weightlifting forms of exercise helps to build your muscles. Failure to partake in resistance training will result in a loss of muscle strength at a rate of 1% per year. Resistance exercise also helps to revert the loss of muscle strength with age, keeps you aerobically fit and helps you maintain a healthy body mass.


16. Exercising Improves Breathing

exercising will help to improve your breathing as it strengthens the muscles that help in the opening of the lungs and inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide. With regular exercise, you also improve the efficiency of oxygen permeation in your body cells.


17. Exercise reduces the risk of Arthritis

many people suffer from arthritis today. By engaging in stretching and flexibility training through yoga and Tai Chi, or through other forms of exercises that increase the range of movement around your joints, you lower the risk of injuring your muscles and ligaments and protect them from damage due to overuse.


18. Exercise is Fun

when you engage in an exercise that suits you, you tend to have a good time while doing it. Whether you do it with a group or solely, you enjoy the routines and reap the rewards soon enough. Exercise greatly enriches the quality of your life and brings you so much confidence on the long run.


19. Exercise boosts Intelligence

as you exercise, oxygen flows more freely to the brain, benefiting the brain’s prefrontal cortex which is responsible for planning and reasoning. Mental activities also help to boost intelligence as they require you to respond quickly.


20. Exercise builds your Aerobic Power

this is arguably the most important reason to exercise. Aerobic capacity refers to your body’s ability to work at maximum capacity by getting oxygen from the air to your body’s tissues. About 1% of your aerobic power is lost per year. But with regular exercise, this can be reduced and you are better off than not exercising at all.


Many other reasons abound about the great importance of exercising. So make sure you begin to exercise regularly if you are not doing that already. You have no excuse to stay unfit. Stay healthy and fit. See you at the gym.

Richard E Pearson

Richard is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. He is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

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