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How to Run Without Getting Tired

Keeping fit and living healthy is a very important aspect of life. Hence, engaging in exercises and other activities that make you stretch your body muscles and energize your organs is good. Running is one such activity and knowing how to run is a great way to kip fit and stay healthy. It is also […]

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Exercises for lower back pain

Humans perform varying forms of activities that require the use of body muscles. We function optimally when our muscles work in synchronization with one another. However, our muscles can wear and become weak. Weak bones, most especially those in the core and pelvis can sometimes lead to back pain or injury. Back pain can be […]

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Best Types of Cardio Workouts/Exercise You Must Do

  Looking for an effective workout to lose your weight, without losing your interest in your exercise?Then cardio exercise is a wonderful way!!! The best types of cardio workouts/exercise will not only boost your weight loss but also keep your heart healthy, boost your immunity or improve your overall mental health!!! But, the improper workouts […]

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