7 Best Vertical Climber: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide [2018]

Did you notice that vertical climbers are about to set the new benchmark as a workout kit? In fact, many of the gym enthusiasts are likely to recommend these over treadmills or elliptical machines.

The reasons are clearly visible in terms of digits. While a 200-pound person can lose up to 800 calories/hour in an elliptical machine, he can lose up to 850 calories/hour in a vertical climber. The gap may not be noticeable on day one. But when you take a few months in counts, the gap is crucial enough.

In fact, vertical climbers are one great kit that provides a 360-degree-solution when it comes to working out at home. Starting from lower body development to burning calories and reducing diabetes risk- it has got all in the box. On the top of it, they are pretty easy to use. So, consider the cost of hiring an instructor, however, dropped off!

However, we don’t want you to lump in your throat by choosing the best vertical climber machine by all yours. Instead, our panel of 5 fitness enthusiasts had conducted a week-long research to mine out the best climbers and review their pros and cons neutrally. Thanks to the team for the great effort, however.

And today’s article is nothing but the demonstration of the research. So, let’s get started-

7 Best Vertical Climber – Comparison List


Maxi Climber

Maxi Vertical Climber

Our Rating: 8/10

Unit Weight: 33 pounds

Capacity: 240 pounds

Adjustment Level: Complete

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Conquer Vertical Climber

 Conquer Climber 2.0

Our Rating: 7/10

Unit Weight: 46 pounds

Capacity: 220 pounds

Adjustment Level: Complete

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Merax Vertical Climber

Our Rating: 8/10

Unit Weight: 38.5 pounds

Capacity: 350 pounds

Adjustment Level: 5

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Sunny Folding Climber

Our Rating: 8/10

Unit Weight: 29.8 pounds

Capacity: 220 pounds

Adjustment Level: 12

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FEIERDUN Vertical Climber

Our Rating: 7.8/10

Unit Weight: 44 pounds

Capacity: 440 pounds

Adjustment Level: 5

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Our Rating: 8.5/10

Unit Weight: 43.9 pounds

Capacity: 250 pounds

Adjustment Level: 5

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Total Body 2-IN-1 Climber

Our Rating: 8/10

Unit Weight: 66 pounds

Capacity: 330 pounds

Adjustment Level: 8

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#1. Maxi Climber – The original patented Vertical Climber,As Seen On TV

Maxi ClimberBeing a full workout tool, this Maxi Climber is one of the best stepping machines for effective cardio training. It burns a considerably higher amount of calories than conventional treadmills.

Through dual action technology, this cardio climber works out your entire body rather than just a particular muscle group. Apart from that, the included Bio-X technique encourages the imitation of your physical motion as a climber.

The pre-assembled equipment requires little more work. In fact, the climber arrives with 90% assembly. You will need no screw or spanner and not even any instructions.

Isometric grips are non-sticky which allows a better holding. You will find a timer which starts and stops as per your steps and provides digital calories count. Through the adjustable height, you can have a maximum height of 84 inches.

This climber weighs only 34 pounds to fit almost anywhere. It takes up about 24” x 36” when folded. Therefore, the folded frame is quite small in size and allows convenient storage.

This is one of the best fitness products in the present market. With a user-friendly design, you can take care of disgusting fat quite fast. This is why we would like to recommend this one in the first place.

  • Burns 509 calories at a time with 1-hour workout.
  • Durable and lightweight cold-rolling steel construction.
  • Compact design for a suitable storage facility.
  • Enable complete workout in one multi-gym device.
  • Combines cardio with muscle tones functionalities.
  • Weight limitation is only 240 pounds.
  • Effective result requires regular effort.



#2. Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine 2.0

Conquer Vertical ClimberHaving a similar designation, the Conquer climbers are quite a popular substitute for the Maxi climbers. It can support a full body workout with ease and also, without any major cardiovascular impact.

This versatile climber pretty straightforward and simple assembling process. Not to mention, the climber arrives with 90% pre-assembly. Thus it saves your time and money.

There comes a digital display to check out the workout time, step count along with the amount of calories burnt. The step counter is quite accurate which helps you to attain a proper progress measurement.

You will receive two handles – a static handle with a movable one. For the isolation of the lower muscle groups with intense stepping, the static handle is quite handy. The movable one engages the upper and the lower body part.

Regarding the stability, it features 4 rubber feet at the bottom to resist skidding. Again, the base frame provides an ergonomic A shape. The unfolded width takes about 37” which induces a uniform and safe loading.

With suitable upgraded features, this is indeed a perfect tool to get rid of your fat in sufficient quantity. Therefore, you should check this versatile product to achieve the ultimate fitness for your body.

  • Durable and sturdy steel construction with cable fraying.
  • Padded handles with smooth gliding for increased comfort.
  • Adjustable step height ranging from 14” up to 16”.
  • Higher rate of fat burning with low muscular impact.
  • Almost no noise with the lightweight and foldable frame.
  • Improper and uncomfortable alignment of the footrests.
  • Lower weight carrying capacity of 250 pounds only.


#3. Merax Vertical Climber Exercise Folding Climbing Machine

Merax-Vertical-ClimberThrough a convenient combination of suitable features, Merax climbers deliver a complete workout. This one comes with an opportunity to burn, tone as well as to whittle the waistline with optimum comfort.

You can work out the triceps, biceps, core and leg muscles at the same time with this mountain climber machine. As you can train the whole physique, it allows you to burn more fat.

The frame consists of the square tube for enhanced stability. It also comes with a compact design to enable easy folding. Therefore, the light, the portable machine offers you a safe and space saving storage.

It features a digital LCD timer to inform you about the workout progress. The display monitors the working time, speed, burnt calories. Through an accurate recording, it helps you to remain motivated about your training.

Including isometric as well as non-sticking handling grips, it offers easy and comfortable holding. There comes 5-step height adjustment which allows fitting with different body types.

The entire combination, therefore, encourages to have an inherent climbing motion. We would suggest you have this incredible fitness tool if you want something effective as well as elegant for your body.

  • Incredibly intense and full workout facility for the body.
  • Accommodates heavier weight capacity up to 350 pounds.
  •  Ideal for tonic and inherent aerobic climbing without impact.
  • Grip fitted base is suitable for hardwood, tiles, and carpet.
  • Upper and lower body unison raise the rate of fat burning.
  • Smaller footprint tends to tip the machine easily.
  • An unclear user manual is quite difficult to follow.


#4. Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

Sunny-Folding-Climbing-StepperBeing similar to stair stepping fitness equipment, Sunny climber offers versatile practice session at home. It is not exactly a vertical climber without the movable handle. But you will find it rather enjoyable and useful for regular fitness training.

The stepper is of sturdy plastic material along with supportive steel frame construction. The quality plastic material ensures longer durability. Apart from that, you will get any sort of wobbling against prolonged and intense usage.

You will find 2 hydraulic pistons for resistance control. Both the pistons connected to the foot pedals have an adjustment facility. Not to mention, you can set level 1 up to level 12 and thus it is quite suitable for most grownups.

At the lower end of the handle, you will see a basic LCD screen. It can record time, scan (data point rotation), burnt calories with a total count. Though the step count and the calories burnt provides an estimation, it keeps you updated at every session.

Having patterned plate at the bottom, it ensures better stability against slipping possibility. Additional rubber caps also prevent movement while working out. Along with the padded cover, the stabilizing bar stables the entire frame.

Through adjustable resistance, this vertical stair climber is quite suitable for all levels of fitness. If you want a convenient stepper rather than traditional climbers, this would be a great choice for sure.

  • Easy to assemble with 95% pre-assembled frame.
  • Simple and convenient storage facility for the stepper.
  • Variable step height with maximum 15” difference.
  • Offers smooth and sufficiently strong climbing motion.
  • Lightweight but durable plastic having an easy carriage.
  • Movement of the upper body is not possible.
  • Comparatively lower weight carrying capacity.


#5. FEIERDUN Vertical Climber, Climbing Machine

FEIERDUN-Vertical-ClimberYou will experience the ultimate imitation of natural climbing along with this incredible fitness machine. In fact, several features make this FEIERDUN unit a perfect tool to perform cardiovascular training at home.

The entire climber frame is of commercial graded steel. The square shaped steel bars allow intense muscular movement and uniform load transmission.

Having user-friendly features, this suits almost all body types with ease. There come isometric grips which are non-sticky. Through adjusting the height, you can have a comfortable exercise session.

The overall combination offers you a full and complete workout facility. With the low impact, you can go for intense practice. This it will help you to get a strong leg, sculpt lean, hard abs, contoured triceps and biceps.

With proper adjustment as per your size, the climber starts functioning for major muscle group of the body. Not to mention, the effective design allows a perfect workout session for your butts, core, legs, and arms.

A simply designed climber can make your fitness better and this unit is a perfect example of that. And for heavier people, this one comes with an outstanding opportunity to take care of their body.

  • Durable and heavy-duty steel construction with square bars.
  • Greater weight bearing capacity of 440 pounds at a time.
  • Suitable adjustment facility for height at 5 different levels.
  • Burns more than 500 calories in a single workout session.
  • Foldable design for convenient and compact storage.
  • Effective fat burning depends on workout length.
  • Frictional noise may occur on the upper poles.


#6. RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Vertical Climber Folding Exercise Cardio Workout Machine

RELIFE-REBUILD-YOUR-LIFE-Vertical-ClimberA perfect combination of suitable features allows RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE climbers to deliver a complete physical workout. Through this, you will get an opportunity to tone, burn along with whittling the waistline within a reasonable time.

This best climber machine works out the triceps, biceps, core and leg muscles at the same time. Thus it allows you to have a perfect workout for the full body.

To enhance the stability, the frame consists of suitable square tube. Along with compact design, you can go for easy folding. The lightweight equipment can offer you a safe and convenient storage.

The non-sticking handling grips are isometric as well and offer easy and comfortable effortless holding. Not to mention, 5-step height adjustment facility allows this unit to fit with different body types.

With a digital LCD timer, you can know about the overall workout progress. The display can record the working time, speed, burnt calories with distance as well. The proper recordings help you to remain motivated about the training.

The user-friendly features induce an inherent motion of climbing with optimum safety. If you want to look something where quality meets service, then we would like to recommend you to go through this versatile fitness machine.

  • Full physical workout with aerobic breathing.
  • Space saving as well as quick folding compact design.
  • Improvised body balance with regular exercise.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for longer durability.
  • Convenient height adjustment to fit with body size.
  • Quite low weight capacity with 250 pounds.
  • Higher frame weight is difficult to move.


#7. Best Choice Products Total Body 2-IN-1 Vertical Climber Magnetic Exercise Bike Fitness Machine

Total-Body-2-IN-1-Vertical-ClimberThis unique and outstanding vertical climber is able to bring the gym to your home. As a matter of fact, this Best Choice 2 in 1 climber combines cardiovascular exercise with muscle strength training.

Both the climbing arms along with the foot glides come with sufficient adjustment facility. Having the best fitting, they will provide incredible comfort for the workout. Also, it allows you to mimic the natural rock-climbing motion.

Featuring a digital LCD display, it can inform about the workout progress. The display can monitor workout time, speed, burnt calories, and distance. Through an appropriate recording, it enables you to remain motivated about the session.

Proper and best-fitted adjustment enables the machine to target the cardiovascular system. Apart from that, the ergonomic design allows a perfect workout for your butts, core, legs, and arms.

Through its 8 level magnetized resistance, it can target all the major muscle groups of the body. Being connected with the foot pedal, it offers you a quick but efficient full workout session.

Versatile design with superior level management makes this one quite suitable to burn high calories number. This is why you should check out this unit which can help you to achieve your desired fitness goal.

  • Sturdy steel frame to ensure longer serviceability.
  • Greater capacity for carrying weight up to 330 pounds.
  • Compact design allows easy folding and storage.
  • Engages all the major muscles regarding full workout.
  • Low impacting and quiet magnetic resistance levels.
  • The motion is too smooth for some users.
  • Smaller footholds are uncomfortable to use.


Buying Guide

There are many vertical climbers you will find in the market. Choosing a suitable and useful one has become quite a difficulty. But knowing some specific factors regarding the quality and performance, you can easily find the best vertical climber.

  • Training Variety: Whether you want to make basic workout or intense, is quite important. If you want only basic, common climbers are enough. For intense training, you should pick one with several programs and greater height.
  • Size & Assembly: As the climber should be lightweight, it requires a smaller size. Most of the best ones arrive with sufficient pre-assembly. You should choose something having smaller size being pre-assembled.
  • Weight Capacity: This factor is of significant importance regarding the performance. Some have lower capacity and some have quite higher. According to your body weight, you need to find a suitable one.
  • Material & Durability: Both quality and durability depend on the construction material. Most of the preferred ones have steel construction. There are some with plastic construction as well. You must check carefully whether the construction is thin or cheap.
  • Adjustment Facility: Adjustment is necessary to make suitable fitting with your body shape. Different adjustment levels of resistance along with height adjustment are also important. You need to ensure sufficient adjustment for the climber.


How to Assemble a Vertical Climber

As mentioned earlier, most of the climbers come with up to 90% pre-assembly. Through the following steps, you can complete the assembly by yourself.

  • Checking All ComponentsIn the first place, you must check out all the components for any sort of defects or missing parts.
  • Readjusting Nuts & Bolts:Form the base and the top portion by readjusting the provided nuts & bolts. Align the holes and tighten the bolts using a wrench.
  • Readjusting the Safety Pin:Take out the safety pin at machine bottom. After aligning the bar holes, slowly reinsert the pin in the available space for stability.
  • Fastening the PulleysRemove the top nut of the middle bolt and grab the strings. Place the bottom circular attachment at the pulley end near the bolt and tighten the nut back.
  • Adding the Handlebar:Identify the corresponding handlebars and insert into respective slots. Let the bars slide into the slots by pressing the metal pin.


How to Use a Vertical Climber

You need to know the proper usage of the vertical climber to attain the ultimate fitness. Here is a short but effective guideline regarding perfect usage.

  • Adjusting the Height: First, check out whether the machine can fit with your body type. You mostly find it unsuitable and you need to make required height adjustment.
  • Climbing Onboard: Step up on the pegs or foot pedals and grab the handle. Place one foot on the lower pedal and hoist the body weight to the remaining pedal to start exercising.
  • Warming Up: There are two available options for working the muscles – long & short stride. Short strides will provide climbing action for muscles whereas long strides offer deep and distant training.
  • Choosing a Routine: Depending on your workout intensity and type, you need to prepare a suitable routine. Of course, a regular one will help sufficient fat burning.
  • Cooling Down: After every workout session, take some short strides at the end. Let the muscles cool down for the moment before hopping off.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Is it possible to strengthen the thighs?

Answer: It depends on your current body shape. You can get help by placing the heels on the pedals.

Question: Does it feel burning in thighs and other places?

Answer: You will feel the burning for sure after about 10 minutes.

Question: How noisy the vertical climber can be?

Answer: Best ones provide very little noise which will not affect you. But in case of some defect, major noise may take place.

Question: Is addition of further resistance possible?

Answer: You can’t add up the resistance. But you may use a bag of kitty litter or a weighted vest to increase resistance.

Question: Any possibility of squat affecting results apart from burning calories?

Answer: Almost all the climbers serve as a fat burner. Weighted squats are most suitable in this case.

Question: Can it provide sufficient upper body resistance?

Answer: The vertical climber is useful for legs and arms. Speaking straightforward, it offers better resistance to the lower part.


Final Thoughts

It is important to remember that vertical climbers will not help you to attain desired success. It all depends on your effort and regularity. Again, you need to choose with care as the one which suits your neighbor or friend too well may not even fit you.

All the aforementioned 7 are quite popular as they have suitable size and training facility for most adults. Training with the best vertical climber will end up to an attractive tone along with healthy muscle. We can assure you that choosing a suitable one from the vertical climber reviews will give you the same result in a good time for sure.

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