Best Types of Cardio Workouts/Exercise You Must Do


Looking for an effective workout to lose your weight, without losing your interest in your exercise?Then cardio exercise is a wonderful way!!!

The best types of cardio workouts/exercise will not only boost your weight loss but also keep your heart healthy, boost your immunity or improve your overall mental health!!!

But, the improper workouts or lack of knowledge can result in some adverse effects instead of offering good result.

Sounds terrible? Fear not.

Here we’ve discussed five surprising cardio exercise that you’ll undoubtedly WANT to do. So, are you waiting to get your cardio on? Let’s dive in!


Best Types Of Cardio Workouts/Exercise- You’ll Undoubtedly WANT To Do

It’s hard to determine which cardio exercise is best for your body, your fitness routine and overall your health goals. Here are the expert-approved five best types of cardio workouts that offer you many great benefits including faster weight loss.


#1. Elliptical Workout

What: To burn calories with less effort than any other forms of workouts, Elliptical is undoubtedly a right way.

Why: An elliptical help you train your target muscle groups and make changes in endurance and performance. This type of workout simulates running without hurting your joints. The elliptical that features moveable handles allows the user to exercise the upper body at the same time.

Requirements: All you need a best quality elliptical machine.


How To Get The Maximum Benefit From The Elliptical Machine In A Workout:

  • Avoid flipping around freely. Set the resistance correctly. It’s useful to lower the incline and increase the resistance.
  • Avoid holding the handles or rails very tightly. It may lead to wrist and shoulder pain and decrease your efforts.
  • Try to do intervals. It’ll help you to reach a higher intensity of exercise for a sustained time. Reduce the recovery time when your fitness level enhances.


#2. Stair Climber Workout

What:  It’s an excellent way for fat burning due to the combination of weight bearing and cardio. When it comes to faithful exercise equipment, stair-climber is at the top of the list. “A stair climbing machine is excellent equipment if you’re looking for an effective, low-impact cardio workout with the added benefits of a lower body resistance exercise.” Idalis Velazquez, C9 Champion ambassador, and a certified personal trainer tells SELF.

Why: Stair climber offers you a great low-impact cardio workout to your lower body to build strength. It’ll improve your heart strength, lung capacity and leg definition. It won’t cause the excess joint damage like some other workouts. It targets the glutes more efficiently. It’ll lower your body fat while at the same time increase muscle mass. A stair climber machine allows you to set speed and a more traditional stair climbing action.

Requirements: All you need a fantastic stair climber.


How To Get The Maximum Benefit From Stair Climber Machine In A Workout:

  • Try to use different step patterns to target your thigh, hips and butt. Climb each step as though you’re walking up a flight of stairs.
  • Keep your hands by your side for more of a challenge.
  • Do intervals. It’ll help you improve your cardiovascular health as well as fitness. Do long intervals of 3 minutes each. As a result, your heart rate will get enough time to adjust to each stage before stepping onto the next.


#3. Running (Treadmill)

What: Running on a treadmill is an excellent way to log your miles and improve your form. When it comes to following a convenient way to make sure that you’re getting the exercise you need to stay healthy, running on a treadmill is excellent. Moreover, what you can’t do while running on the road, you can do it while running on a treadmill in front of a mirror: Watch Yourself.

Why: No matter whether you’re trying to build muscle, lose weight, or improve your heart health, running on a treadmill is a great way to follow. The most obvious benefit of running on a treadmill is that it helps you lose weight faster. Running for just 20 minutes/ 6mph will help you to burn approximate 229 calories. And if you can enhance it up to 20 minutes/ 8mph, you’ll be able to burn 300 calories.

As far as workout equipment goes, the treadmill is one of the easiest machines to use, convenient. It’ll not only give a great cardiovascular workout but also help improve heart health. Each time when you step on a treadmill, you strengthen your heart. And when your heart grows stronger, it improves the circulation and reduces the stress on your heart. Plus, the act of running helps to improve the muscle strength.  It increases the density of the bones and improves the overall fitness of the body.

Requirements: The best treadmill ensures that you’ll get only the very best from it.


How To Get The Maximum Benefit From A Treadmill In A Workout:

  • Practice good form. Keep your chin and head up, your shoulders back, and your belly tight.
  • A minimum of 5 to 10 minutes of low-level exercise, slow walking, combined with stretching, after a workout.
  • Do cool-down time. It’ll give your muscle a scope to relax, and enable your heart rate to come back to normal.


#4. Indoor Rowing

What: When it comes to adopting a full body exercise that works the hamstrings, quads, glutes, back, shoulder, biceps, triceps and core body, rowing is a great way.

Why: When someone suggests, you surprise “Indoor rowing!! Really? What good will sitting on a machine and pulling a cable do?”

The cardio benefits of rowing are intense!

Harvard Health Studies show that rowing burns between 250-300 calories in a 30-minute session. That means average calories burned 600 per hour. It has super-low-impact on your joints. It helps you stretch the muscles in your body at the same time raise your heart rate to target levels quickly.

Requirements: A perfect indoor rowing machine


How To Get The Maximum Benefit From Indoor Rowing In A Workout:

  • Sit up straight with your abs pulled in tight.
  • Don’t focus on the speed. Focus on your power.
  • Follow a moderate pace.


#5. Indoor Cycling

What: Yes, you heard the right “Indoor Cycling”. Outdoor cycling is excellent for fresh air, but if you feel uncomfortable outside, indoor cycling is an excellent way to achieve the fitness goal.

Why: Cycling has the same effect on muscles as running does, but remember- it’s a lower impact workout. If you’re a man of 180 pounds and goes at a high rate, you can burn 600 to 1,150 calories per hour a session by indoor cycling.

Requirements: Stationary bike


How To Get The Maximum Benefit From Indoor Cycling In A Workout:

  • Focus on the upwards motion. It’ll help you to target your glutes and hamstrings. It’ll burn not only more calories but also sculpt your whole lower body.
  • Add more resistance during quick sessions. “It’ll blast more fat and raise your heart rate”, says Holly Rillinger, Master Instructor at Flywheel Sports.



Your fitness objectives should be the first consideration that goes along with your selection.

When you’re confident of what you need it for, you can be able to determine the most relevant workout type for you. You need to figure out the forms to get the picture of what they can help you to achieve.

Give some of these best types of cardio workouts/exercise a try to burn calories, speed up your weight loss and keep your heart healthy. With the right workout, you can emerge with improved form and great fitness. Paired with strength training, it’s an efficient combination that will have you feeling healthy, lean and fit.

Hope, this informative article is useful and fun for you to read as well.

Good luck!! Stay focused.  

Richard E Pearson

Richard is a passionate Certified Personal Trainer and a motivator. He is helping his clients to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

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